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The following services can be provided both online via Zoom and in-person in Orange County, CA (chosen upon booking).
*Exception: those highlighted in blue are in-person services/events only.

Reiki Practitioner Certification

In this group training, ceremony, and workshop, you'll receive your Reiki Level 2 Attunement /Certification (the ability to give others reiki), as well as learn how to create your own specialties, flow, channel messages for clients, and more!

$222. 8 spots avail.

Psychic reader giving a reading.

The Classic Chakra Reading + Balancing

Amplify the powers of all 7 of your main chakras and get clear on exactly what you're being asked to do to create your best life.


70's disco aesthetic.

Extended Time Psychic Reading

Like Spirit's Choice, however this service includes time and space to answer questions and give insight into your chosen topics.


Psychic reader.

The Crossroads Psychic Reading

Let's get you out of this crossroads! Clear up confusion and get specific direction to guide you into your best life.


Witch performing spell. Candle magic. Spellwork.

New Energy. Who's This?

Experience life in a whole new way. Includes all the benefits of the Energy Reset, plus a special attunement to shift you out of your deeply embedded energetic gridlocks into a fresh start.


Flower field photography.

Reiki Level 2 Certification

Heal others. Give them the gift of your beautiful healing energy, whether complimentary or as a paid practitioner is up to you!

$333 / includes 2 sessions

orange retro folk enamel kettle photographed by Janice Issitt for Brocant.jfif

Spill the Tea: Basic Tea Leaf Reading



Enjoy gourmet tea and receive your psychic reading in a beautiful high-tea cafe.


Available only at Whip Dessert & Cafe. See booking for days/times.


70's hippie aesthetic.

1:1 Coaching

Work with Alex The Good Witch in aligning your subconscious programming with your conscious desires, to create your happiest, most fulfilled life. 


Psychic giving a reading.

Extra Reiki Chakra Reading + Balancing

Just like The Classic, but with an extra focus on energy work to go far beyond reading and balancing, into deeper relaxation, release, and healing.



The Hopeful Romantic Psychic Reading

Receive the insight and advice you need to transform "wishful thinking" into your real-life love life.


70's california hippie.

Year Ahead Psychic Reading

Be prepared knowing what lessons and opportunities come up and when, what to focus on, and how you can give yourself the best experience this upcoming year!



Service Package - Best Value!

This session takes each individual service to the next level by amplifying their powers together. Take a deep dive into your energetic body and return in total serenity, feeling as light as a feather, and crystal clear on your path.


Happy woman in nature.

Reiki Level 3 + 4 Certification

Heal over time and space. Whether to yourself or others, send healing to the past, present, future, as well as over long-distance!

$333 / includes 2 sessions

Psychic giving a reading.

Dynamic Duo Chakra Reading + Balancing

Unlock the magnetism of your Super Power Chakra and unblock the chakra that is most holding you back.


Psychic giving a tarot reading.

Spirit's Choice Psychic Reading

See before you the path to your happiest, most fulfilled future and get clear on exactly what to do to transform vision into your real life!


70's woman's outfit.

Quit Your Job Psychic Reading

Receive the divine messages leading you into your life purpose, feeding your passion and your wallet!


Witch performing spell. Candle magic. Spellwork.

Energy Reset

Enter the deep state of relaxation your entire being is craving, as you feel your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual tension melt into your true spirit. 


Woman in flower field.

Reiki Level 1 Certification

Become a self-healer. Give yourself the care that you need, anytime, anywhere, for life!

$222 / includes 2 sessions

Woman in flower field photography.

Reiki Master Level Certification

Spread healing. Certify others in all levels of Reiki, and deepen your connection to your divine power.

$444 / includes 2 sessions

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