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Meet Reiki Master, Alex the Good Witch


When people ask me how I came to live the life I do, help others the way I do, and be so in tune with my spiritual abilities, I always tell them how it all started with Reiki...

I been working with Reiki, both personally and as a practitioner, for 8 years. I started at Level 1 (the ability to perform Reiki on oneself) with my only intent being to get some relief for my severe anxiety. Not only did my Reiki Level 1 attunement and subsequent personal practice help me completely transform my state of mind, but it also connected me with a heightened intuition, soul purpose, and the life I feel I was always meant to live.

Now as a Reiki Master, I help others do the same through the self-healing of Level 1, as well as help them become healers and energy workers through Level 2 - Master Level.

Current In-Person Group Event:

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Or check out my 1:1 in-person and online Reiki certification options below.


Learn about the different certification levels below. Available in-person or online.

Discount available when purchasing multiple certifications at once. See here.

Level 1: Self-Reiki

Activate your innate ability to work with life force energy and self-heal on all levels: mentally, emotionally, psychically, and spiritually. For anything from relieving headaches and stomach aches, to rejuvenating restless sleep and daily fatigue, to healing emotional wounds and releasing attachments, and so much more, self-Reiki is there for you tap into to transform your current experience—and overall life. 

This attunement process also creates more accessibility between you and other spiritual abilities, such as intuition, receiving divine guidance, and aligning to your soul purpose.

In this certification process you will:
✶ Learn how to channel and work with Reiki energy
✶ Receive your certified attunement in sacred ceremony 
✶ Get guidance on specific techniques, like chakra balancing
✶ Leave with the ability to give yourself energy work anytime, anywhere for life! 

$222 / includes 2 sessions. 

Alex is truly gifted...I chose to become Reiki attuned by her which has been so powerful and wonderful for my life...The ability to really tune into myself during meditation now and gain insight and calmness has been nothing short of incredible. I highly, highly recommend this beautiful soul.

- Jennifer

Level 2: In-Person Practitioner

Become the certified healer you want to see in the world! Everything you've been able to give yourself through Reiki, you can now give to others. Not only are you able to support people energetically in their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing, you also experience a more heightened intuition and can choose to receive and relay spiritual messages to those who receive your energy work.

This certification allows you to be a professional Reiki practitioner and charge for services if you so choose. (see Level 3+4)

In this certification process you will:

✶ Learn how to channel and provide Reiki and energy work for others
✶ Receive your certified attunement in sacred ceremony 
✶ Get guidance on safety, setup, specific techniques, creating your own specialites/flow, intuitive messages, and more.
✶ Leave with the ability to give others Reiki as a certified practitioner! (see Level 3+4)

$333 /  includes 2 sessions

Level 3+4: Send Across Time + Distance

Send energy work through time and heal past versions of yourself and others with Advanced Reiki. Tap into the wisdom and energy of future selves as you intuit through time. Connect with clients over long-distances and allow them to receive Reiki as if they were laying right in front of you! This is the magic of Level 3+4, or Advanced Reiki.

This certification allows you to give Reiki remotely, and can therefore be performed over Zoom, phone, etc. (and yes it really feels the same!)

In this certification process you will:

✶ Learn how to channel and provide Reiki and energy work across time and distance
✶ Receive your certified attunement in sacred ceremony 
✶ Get guidance on safety, setup, conducting distance sessions, navigating past and future techniques, and more.
✶ Leave with the ability to work with past and future selves, and hold long-distance sessions.

$333 / includes 2 sessions

Master Level: Certify Others in All Levels

Create a ripple affect that heals the world! Hold sacred attunements that help people activate their abilities to heal themselves and others. Amplify your professional and personal spiritual abilities to a whole new level.

This certification allows you to certify others in all levels of Reiki, including Master, and charge for the certification process if you so choose.

In this certification process you will:
✶ Learn how to certify others in all levels of Reiki.
✶ Receive your certified attunement in sacred ceremony.
✶ Get guidance on creating your own sacred attunement flow, teach techniques, hold workshops, guide others through their Reiki process, and more.
✶ Leave with a deepened connection to Reiki, energy work, intuition, divine empowerment, soul purpose, and your own personal practice.

$444 /  includes 2 sessions

Reiki Discount

Already know how far you want to go?

Bulk discounts available when signing up for multiple levels in advanced.

For every addition level purchased, you receive an extra $111 off.

Ex. Purchase Level 1 and Level 2, receive $111 off your total.
Ex. Purchase Level 2, Level 3+4, and Master Level, receive $222 off your total.

*you must be certified in previous level to move onto next.

Email to purchase at discount!


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