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Create the ever- expanding, evolving, and present love that's meant for YOU through subconscious and actionable work in this self-paced program and coaching sessions.

Open to all. Option to join as an individual (whether single or in a relationship) or as a couple.

In this program, you will:

✺ Discover what has been keeping you from the experiences you truly deserve in your love life on a consistent, long-term basis, and break those patterns for good.

✺ Become the capable, vulnerable, powerful, whole version of yourself that seeks, attracts, and receives the best love for you.

✺ Get clear on exactly what you need and want, not just for now, but in any given moment—as those wants and needs will change over time.

✺ Create dynamics (including communication, coping skills, etc.) that serve the highest good of yourself and others.

✺ Cultivate spaces in your love life where your inner child is free, healed, loved, heard and seen, and your higher self is the one taking the lead.


This program catalyzes and supports you in big transformations that you get to experience on tangible levels, through:

Subconscious Reprogramming

Your subconscious is responsible for the vast majority of your thoughts, feelings, perspectives, reactions, behaviors, actions, etc.and therefore the outcomes you experience and your life as you know it. The problem is that your subconscious will continue to play out outdated programming that keeps you experiencing unwanted situations, indefinitely. Not only is this old programming all your subconscious knows at the moment, but when it's in a state of stress/fear it will cling to these self-sabotaging methods even more tightly, creating unfortunate outcomes that feel like something you've experienced time and time again.

Inner Child Work ("Parts Work")

Because most of your subconscious programming was created when you were a child, you can think of your subconscious as your inner child, and your nervous system as their current channel of communication with you. Since the subconscious is actually fragmented in neural clusters—each created from various factors and experienceswe can see your programming not just as one "inner child" but as many "inner children", also known as "parts" of ourselves. These parts give their own specific, fixated ways of seeing situations, and override how you react to themoften in ways that directly clash with your true desires for yourself and your life.

Shadow Healing

The shadow of your subconscious includes the parts of you that you aren't aware of, yet they're always there, hidden in the shadows. These parts actually play a major role in your life, but because they are "out of sight" and out of (conscious) mind, they have been able to run your life without your knowledge. These parts of yourself are neglected, misguided, and misunderstood. They need deep healing to feel truly safe, loved, and accepted enough to let go of the grip they have over your life.

Intuition Development

Your intuition lies deeper than your subconscious, and is the divinely-guided, wise, loving, protective line of communication that is constantly leading you to your most incredible, flourishing, and fulfilling life. When you work with your subconscious first, and then work to both strengthen your connection to your intuition and create a sense of trust and safety in following its guidance, you are able to finally shift your automatic system away from the unhelpful, sabotaging, and fearful leadership of your wounded parts, to the clear, supportive, and abundant direction of your intuition.

Interpersonal Practices

External practices actualize your internal transformations, bringing them into your lived experience. Action sets the physical world into motion, aligning your external life with the shifts you've created at the core of your existence. Practices you carry out in the "real world" create the embodiment of the version of you you've become, and ensure that you receive the higher-level outcomes that you are now ready to live out, and have always deserved.

Included Access to Energy Work and Psychic Readings

You have additional choices to receive psychic readings and/or energy work services throughout this journey. These types of sessions allow you to experience further support in your own understanding and healing. You are not in this alone, and receiving "outside" resources from trusted practitioners help you connect with your own ability and insight. 


Leave your disappointments in love behind, and live out the incredible experience you deserve.

Love & Happiness is for you if:

✺ Deep down want more out of your love life. Period. Regardless of details, you want more than you’re experiencing.

✺ You are open to deeper work for deeper results. The work we do in this program keeps you grounded and safe every step of the way, but you do need to decide you’re down to work with yourself to get to what you deserve.

✺ You are ready to give yourself more love and acceptance. And more accountability.

(This program holds your hand through accountability, connecting you deeply with the fact that you are not bad, wrong, or a failure for being where you are/were, and that you are powerful and capable of change).

✺ You are open to healing the parts of yourself that may have inadvertently done harm to your life from acting out of deep fear.

✺ You feel called to this program! There may be some nerves about taking the leap into new experiences, but as long as this leap also feels a bit exciting, and resonates with you, then I would love to have you. <3


Love & Happiness is not a one-size-fits all program.

It's created around your...

Subconscious programming




True Wants
and Needs

Authentic self

...and your unique love experience that exists in your highest good.

The work we do in this program celebrates, supports, and affirms your identity, orientation, and preferences. This program honors your gender, sexuality, race, etc., and how these factors affect your experience.

Meet your Love & Happiness coach, Alex Travis.


After working with hundreds of 1:1 coaching clients in all their unique love lives, I felt called to create a program that takes you step-by-step, hand-in-hand through this journey, in a powerful, efficient way.

My approach is always personal to the client, and typically includes a blend of my background: I earned my degree in Biochemesty and Molecular Biology, worked as a mental health agent, and have been a professional psychic and healer for the past 8 years. 

Not only does my professional life align with this program, but my love life is a direct, ever-expanding result of the approaches I use in Love & Happiness.

​​Does any of the following sound oh too familiar?

✺ You've felt like “things will be different this time” so many times, you've started to wonder how to trust yourself…

✺ You're such a loving person, you know you are/would be a great person to be with, but don’t receive nearly as much as you give.

✺ When you sense someone pulling away or feel like they might be upset with you, you think about what you may have done to cause their reaction—often before or without ever tending to your own sense of safety/worth. You learn to stop yourself from potentially "rocking the boat" or being "too much".

✺ When someone does something that hurts, upsets, or disappoints you, you can come to an understanding of why they may be acting that way. You see their side, you just wish they would try to understand where you're coming from too…

✺ You feel like you can see who people really are, or who they can be. You see how they would be capable of growth and change, but they continue behaving from a place of unconsciousness, and you continue to stick around.

✺ You find yourself thinking about how to figure out how they're feeling, how you can make things better, how to get them to say/do what you deserveyou question if you should be putting so much energy into this, but you feel like that's all you can do.

You don’t have to have been in these specific situations to receive what you need from Love & Happiness, but just to give you an idea of how this kind of work has transformed MY life,

this was me.

And this is what my love life looks like now:


✺ I feel safe in showing all emotions and bringing up confrontation. Because even my "messy" or "destructive" wounding is met with love, understanding, vulnerability, insightful questions, and improvement.

✺ When I feel triggered I am able to tend to myself first, with powerful in-the-moment work that naturally creates a shift in the dynamic. The result transforms my partner's triggered emotions and perspectives into those in alignment with our mutual healing and highest good.

✺ I receive my partner's affection and energy unboundedly: they choose to call me on their lunch breaks just because they "enjoy talking with me", if they sense I'm being "clingy" they ask me if I want to cuddle. They genuinely want to connect with me as much as I do them.

✺ My partner asks me periodically, "What would you rate our relationship from 1-10?" They reassure me that they're not looking for the validation of the 10, and that this is a safe space to be honest. When the answer is less then a 10 they say, "In your opinion, what is something I could do to make it a 10?" They take the feedback and work on it, without expecting me to ask for feedback unless I want to.

✺ My partner takes accountability for their emotions, triggers, coping skills, etc.—including ones that are less "obvious" and often create gaslighting in relationships (e.i. withdrawing). We are both able to take accountability because each person is free to have their own emotional experience without judgement and with space and trust to grow.

✺ Our most sacred value is growth in ourselves and in our relationship, so with that as the priority, we are able to expand into bigger and better—rather than contract into more of the same—when we hit triggers, challenges, and hard times. So 95% of our relationship gets to be fun, comfortable, sweet, joyful, romantic, etc.

This was my transformation,

here's how you can create yours...

Syd-Trip-Photo-203 (1).jpg

Love & Happiness Program Overview

This is a self-paced program. You may progress based on your own timeline, or follow the expedited 4 month guided process. Coaching sessions must be received within a year of joining to ensure best results.

Video Lessons

These online video lessons are where you learn the *big*, life-changing concepts in detail. Be prepared for "aha" moments and long-term perspective shifts that carry you into your highest love. Take away proven concepts and practices to implement into your life right away.

Details: Lifetime access to video lessons. Receive access to any updated content in the future. Alex is available for questions about lesson content and application.

Module Sets

This is where you take the practices from your lessons and really anchor them into your experience. These include deeply reflective worksheets, hypnoses recordings, and more. 

Details: Think of modules as resources sets that are easy to go back to at any time and apply directly to whatever situation you are focusing on in that moment. 

4 One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Can be in-person or via Zoom


For those joining as a couple: 2 individual sessions each and 2 couple's sessions

This is where the magic happenstechnically, it's where the science happens, but if you were to take a peek at your future results from where you're standing, it might seem like magic! Although everything so far has been applied to you, this is where your guidance, healing, and transformation gets truly personal. This is where the deeply subconscious changes happen, as well as specific external implementation.

Details: Every step we take in these sessions are completely tailored to your unique experience. All of Alex the Good Witch's 1:1 services are available during these sessions at no extra cost. (For example, chakra reading + balancing, love readings, reiki, etc.)

Ready to experience consistent, long-term growth, fulfillment, and fun in your love life...

Join Love & Happiness

Join Love & Happiness!

PRESALE: Get $222 off when you join now, and receive access to lessons, modules, and coaching throughout summer of 2024.

Syd-Trip-Photo-406 (1).jpg

Love & Happiness is one-time investment of $999 (over $2,000 value), or $777 when you join during the PRESALE, that includes lifetime access to all current and updated materials!

Couples joining the program pay an additional discounted fee for extra coaching sessions.

Rather save some money than receive discounted coaching sessions? No problem, get the program without coaching for an alternative budget option!

Complete payment to join (presale applied):

Love & Happiness w Coaching: Individual



Love & Happiness w Coaching: Couples



Love & Happiness, No Coaching: Everyone



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