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a.k.a. Alex the Good Witch: spiritual life coach, psychic reader, energy worker, and motivational speaker serving in-person clients in the Orange County and Los Angeles area, as well as those around the world via Zoom. 

Hippie goddess in the forest. 70's witch. Groovy aesthetic.

Hi, I'm Alex Travis,

I specialize in subconscious reprogramming, inner child work, intuition development, and aligned action to help you break out of the internal and external cycles that keep you down, and held back from the life that's truly meant for you.


My Background

After earning my degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of California, Irvine. I left a Nobel Prize winning lab to help families, children, and school staff at a non-profit mental health agency.

There I realized I'd be of the most service to folks outside of traditional therapy and in tandem with my natural psychic abilities and background in science and mental health.


My Personal        Experience

People once knew me as the woman who would cry when having to speak in front of 10 or more people, to the woman who thrives as a professional motivational speaker.

My experience was partially genetic, partially environment, and wholly mine to transform.

This is just one of countless examples that make up the radically different life I've created for myself, through the same work I now do with clients.

I went from...

Connecting with and healing children through big emotions, power struggles, and trauma, to connecting with and healing the inner children of clients, breaking them out of limitations and cycles.

Professionally, I have...

Supported 50+ coaching clients in creating the life that's meant for them.

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