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Tune into Sunny Daze Podcast

for practical guidance, tips, insight and stories from the podcast's host and guests, to help you create the happiest, most fulfilling that's truly meant for you. 

Hosted by Alex The Good Witch, 

a professional psychic, healer, coach and speaker, delivering a blend of spiritual gifts and channeled messages with her background in science and mental health through the Sunny Daze transmission.

Sunny Daze Podcast Eye Logo.png
Sunny Daze Podcast Eye Logo.png

Watch or Listen Now:

Click your favorite app to tune in directly to Sunny Daze! Or stream on this site through the episodes listed below.

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Guest Speaker Inquiry?

Sunny Daze Podcast features folx who have broken out of a life of settling, dread, playing small, or "shoulds" into their current soul-led, fulfilling, magical, abundant life that had been calling to them all along.

If this is you and you would like to be featured as a guest (or if you would like Alex as a guest on your podcast), please email

Sunny Daze Podcast Eye Logo.png
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