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Spiritual Life Coach in Orange County, CA.




70's aesthetic. Women's disco style.

Get ready to step into a powerful space, the place where you rise to your full potential and create the life that is meant for you!

We will work hand-in-hand as I guide you in aligning your subconscious programming with your conscious desires—calling in your Dream Reality.

I'm so excited to serve you on this journey!

Take a second to give yourself thanks for bringing you all the way to this very moment. <3

Peace + Love,
Alex The Good Witch


Break out of your current reality into a dreamier, easier, and more rewarding experience.

Embody your Higher Self and live out your higher purpose.

Activate your intuitive powers and psychic abilities.

Heal your wounded inner child and allow them to be a bright, happy, well-adjusted younger-you.

Attract the relationship (whether current or future) that reflects your true worth and highest good.

Transform your soul-sucking job into a thriving lifestyle that serves you.

Walk away from what's holding you back with clarity and confidence.

Break cycles from this life and generations prior.


What to expect

The work we do together aligns your subconscious programming with your conscious desires. We utilize a variety of methods that honor your Human (your genetics, experience, psychology, etc.) AND tap into the out-of-this-world impact of your Soul. This beautiful combination is POWERFUL AF!

And guess what??

You have access to reiki healing, psychic messages, chakra balancing, or any other of my spiritual services that would best serve you during our session, at no extra cost! 

You are the leader of your timeline. You decide how frequently we meet. And best of all, you are not limited to either a "short-term" or "long-term" container. No one tells you when or if our time together takes a transition besides YOU!

1:1 Coaching is $150 per one hour session. Pay as you go.

Spots are limited!

I am committed to the unique journeys of each of my clients. Because my investment in your growth goes beyond our time spent together, 1:1 coaching has limited availability!

What's clients have to say...

Lex was client of mine who had experienced many incredible spiritual events: attending Buddhist retreats, meditating daily, spending her retired days in nature and a room in her home devoted completely to her sacred space, observing a weekly day of silence, etc.
Yet she could not shake the symptoms of her ever-present anxiety and OCD.

This is what Lex had to say after 3 coaching sessions. (To this day, a year later, I still receive messages from Lex saying "Still calm!"

"Where I was stuck and unclear about how to get out of the deep hole, Alex gave me clarity, and the knowledge that I didn’t have to continue falling in that same hole, but that I could take an altogether different path! I see what was lying underneath my many issues and blocks, which gives me a direction in which to move forward. I have yet to have an anxious thought since our time together...Though I'm not a religious person, the best way I can describe how I feel is what I believe Christians mean when they say they are "born again". I understand that it takes some people a lifetime to become enlightened, and not everyone reaches that point⁠. I have finally reached enlightenment." - Lex

"With Alex I immediately felt at ease. She is an amazing listener and advice giver who makes her clients feel comfortable. As me and Alex began talking about my future goals, I felt like the 'mind-blown' emoji, wherein I quite literally had epiphany after epiphany about viable steps I could take to advance my personhood, my business, and my life. Even after just one long, deep, meaningful conversation, I felt my path was being cleared and opened my vision for my life and future became clearer and I know that can happen for others as well."

- Ryanna

"Alex was a breath of fresh air to work with. She comes up with amazing perspectives that make so much sense and gives me a clear path to my goals. Whenever I felt stuck or at a dead end, one session with Alex would remove those blocks and I would be off to the races again! You can waste so much time trying to get through blocks, with Alex you are paying to remove those blocks and streamline your success. The service pays for itself!"

- Robert


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