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1:1 Coaching

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Receive personal guidance and support to make your Dream Reality, reality!

1:1 Coaching is completely tailored to you and is based on your wants, needs, and goals. We meet in a therapy-like setting, without the limitations of traditional therapy. Because this is coaching, we are free to meet your needs in alternative ways, whether that be holistic, spiritual, intuitive, or completely unique to you!


Science, mental health, and practicality play major supporting roles as well. This combination of channeled insight and healing, with informed knowledge and practices, is what makes this coaching space especially safe, effective, transformative, and unique.

Book your free 15 min Zoom consultation!

1:1 Coaching Details

✿ Includes access to any in-house services during coaching session, for free! (Reiki Healing, Chakra Reading + Balancing, Tarot Reading)

✿ Includes access to contact Alex for tips, reminders, and support between sessions

✿ You choose frequency and duration of sessions

✿ You can stop coaching anytime

✿ $100/hour rate, pro-rated (minimum 45 min, maximum 2 hrs)


✿ Available in person at a beautiful outdoor overlook in Aliso Viejo, or online via Zoom

Book your free 15 min Zoom consultation!

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