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I am ready to unleash the power of my intuition.

I get it. You're over feeling disempowered. You want to feel clear, confident, and capable of navigating your life in ways that are truly best for you.

You're ready to be guided and blessed by your intuitive abilities.

Here's how I can help...


Programs and Coaching

Radically transform your life through programs and coaching.

If you're ready to experience the life-changing transformation of living by your intuition through a variety of deep, personalized work together,

Then these offerings are for you...

Dream Weaver Program and Coaching


In this program you will discover and live out your soul purpose and create an aligned life that is fulfilling, abundant, and sustainable. Build the tangible manifestation of your soul purpose and navigate the life changes that come with it through this work together.

  • Includes 1:1 Coaching available via Zoom and in-person

  • Includes access to energetic and artistic logo/brand design by Alex

  • Personalized to you and your current reality

  • Self-paced with timeline suggestions

  • Life-long access to current and updated materials

1:1 Coaching

Coaching Web-01.png

Align your subconscious programming (where you are now) with your conscious desires (where you want to be) through a variety of science-based, mental health-orientated, and spiritual methods for well-rounded, lasting results.

  • Online or in-person

  • Flexible number of sessions/ frequency of sessions

  • Access to any of my 1:1 services during session at no extra cost

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1:1 Services

If you're ready to receive support and direction to connect with your intuition,

Then these services are for you...

Spirit's Choice Reading

Psychic Web-01.png

Receive the insight and advice your intuition is trying so hard to make known to you. Get clarity and reassurance on what thoughts are from your intuition and which are from bias and fear.

Extended Time Reading

Psychic Web-01.png

Similar to Spirit's Choice Reading, but also includes allotted time for your specific questions to be answered.

The Classic Chakra Reading + Balancing

Chakra Web-01.png

Align and amplify the powers of your 7 main energy centers and receive messages from each to get clear on exactly what you need to do to create your best life.

Dynamic Duo Chakra Reading + Balancing

Chakra Web-01.png

Heal and learn about the chakra that is most supporting your desires, as well as the chakra that is most in your way of achieving them.

Service Package


This session takes each individual service to the next level by amplifying their powers together. Includes Classic Chakra Reading + Balancing, Aura Reading + Cleansing, Energy Reset, and a Psychic Tarot Reading on topic(s) of your choice, with time allotted for specific questions.

Energy Work Trainings + Reiki Certifications

reiki web-01.png

Each training level strengthens and deepens your connection with your intuition. Trainings and certifications include the ability to give yourself energy work, become a professional practitioner for others, infuse reiki into products, perform energy work over long-distances and timelines, and certify others in your own trainings. 

Certifications in Reiki levels 1, 2, 3+4, and Master.

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Change your experience by changing your approach with masterclasses.

If you're ready to learn new skills and insight to discover and follow your intuition,

Then these classes are for you...

Holy Shit, I'm Psychic!

Holy Shit I'm Psychic Web-01.png

Learn about the ways you can start hearing and strengthening your intuition through your human senses, as well as practical guidance for building trust in your intuition.

Make Decisions Like a Badass

Make Decisions Like a Badass Web-01.png

Learn how to become clear and confident when faced with decisions. Move through your decision-blocks and make the absolute best decisions for yourself.

Is That You, Intuition? (Free Mini Class)

60s Eye Pattern Poster by Corinne Elyse.png

Learn how to discern between the voice of your intuition and the voices of your other kinds of thoughts.


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Sunny Daze Podcast

Then these episodes are for you...

Sunny Daze Podcast Eye Logo.png

Check out episodes 17, 16, 15, 14, 9, 8, 7, and 5.

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