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What is a Spiritual Life Coach?

Coaching is outside the box of traditional therapy. Coaches meet clients where they are at, using practices that may fall beyond the scope of traditional therapy's rules and regulations. For many people this is a breath of fresh air compared to highly regulated traditional therapy. People often find there is more flexibility to receive help that is unique to their needs, since coaching is immune to any one-size-fits-all formula. Others find the structure of traditional therapy to be more conducive to their situation. Both coaching and therapy are viable options to receive help, make improvements, and create change.

A spiritual life coach may or may not be different than someone who refers to themselves generally as 'life coach'. However, a spiritual life coach definitely relies on spiritual perspectives and modalities when working with clients, while a general 'life coach' may or may not.

Spiritual life coaches may use modalities beyond the scope of spirituality along with their spiritual practices. Some have varying backgrounds, including having worked in mental health fields, and utilize these experiences in the work they do with clients. But in order to be a spiritual life coach, the practitioner should offer spirituality based perspectives, practices, tools, and/or services to clients, as well as any non-spiritual expertise.

How do you know if Spiritual Life Coaching is for you?

If you are looking to improve your mental and emotional well-being, grow spiritually, unlock your potential, embody your Higher Self, live your soul purpose, call in your ideal relationship, transform your life, reprogram you subconscious, work with your inner child, do shadow work, or change what no longer serves you, spiritual life coaching may be for you.

If you are looking for guidance and support on your journey to creating your best life and becoming your best self, and you would like to utilize the power of your intuition, spirituality, energy work, your Higher Self, your guides, and The Universe, then spiritual life coaching may be for you.

Meet Alex The Good Witch, an in-person and online Spiritual Life Coach in Aliso Viejo, California:

A blonde white woman meditating in Ireland forest.
Alex The Good Witch meditating during her work on an international spiritual retreat in County Wicklow, Ireland.

Alex The Good Witch is a psychic, healer, and coach who uses her degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, experience working as a mental health provider, and spiritual gifts to guide clients into their happiest, most fulfilled lives. Her 1:1 Coaching resembles the safe space of therapy, without the strict regulations that limit spiritual growth. Coaching sessions with Alex can include services such as tarot readings, chakra balancing, Reiki, and more. Alex's work focuses on aligning clients' subconscious programming with their conscious desires, so that they may work together to create the client's best life.

Learn more about 1:1 Coaching with Alex The Good Witch here:


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