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Hi, I'm Alex The Good Witch!


I am a spiritual life coach, psychic, Reiki Master, speaker, creator, and owner of Intuitive Instincts.


I believe that the 'human' can only go so far without the 'soul', and that the soul can only go so far without the human! That's why my work with clients taps into the power of spiritual concepts and practices AND honors the human experience, biology, and psychology.


I use my B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, experience as a mental health provider, and spiritual gifts to guide clients into their Dream Reality!

Alex The Good Witch has served over 5,000 people!


✿ B.S in Biochemistry + Molecular Biology from University of California, Irvine. 2018

✿ Worked as a biochemist under Nobel Prize winning scientist

✿ Employed as mental health provider 2018-2020

✿ Certified Reiki Master (certified practitioner since 2016)

✿ Professional psychic since 2019 (natural-born psychic)

✿ Public Speaker (2019-present)

✿ Wrote curriculum for Social Emotional Learning Programs in over 5 school districts

✿ Creator and facilitator of Dream Weaver and Peace Train Programs

✿ Author of 3 published books


Coached 50+ clients

Worked  100+ public and private events

Taught 2,000+ classes

Given 3,000+ psychic readings

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"I am SCREAMING when I say I was and am still quite blown away. Alex is just naturally a warm, sweet, and gentle person. I felt safe."

- Shay

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"I felt my path was being cleared and opened my vision for my life and future."

- Ryanna

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"The whole experience with Alex was phenomenal and I walked away feeling like a weight had been lifted from my chest.."

- Danielle


"I understand that it takes some people a lifetime to become enlightened, and not everyone reaches that point⁠. I have finally reached enlightenment."

- Lex

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"Alex made me be at peace with the feelings that were locked up deep inside of me. Thank you Alex for all your positive energy and thank you for doing what you do!"

- Nutzia

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