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Spiritual business logo with a groovy jaguar sitting in the sacral chakra.

Woman with a 70's shag wolf cut haircut in a groovy bellsleeve top with a crystal crown meditates in the Ireland forest.
A woman in a colorful 70's shirt opens a wooden door to the fairy forest.

You pulled...

The Star tarot card!


The Star tarot card represents the bright future that is available to you, that is waiting for you! When you step into the Intuitive Instincts portal this bright future becomes clear to you. You become ignited with insight, direction, drive, and passion. You become the creator of your best, most magical life from exactly where you are standing. 

Your daydreams transform into your Dream Reality. 

70's font text reads, "Spiritual services and groovy products by Alex The Good Witch".

Hi, I'm Alex The Good Witch!


I am a spiritual life coach, energy worker, psychic reader, and speaker serving the Orange County and Los Angeles area and offering my services and programs online. 

After earning my degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, I left a Nobel Prize winning science lab to help families, children, and school staff at a non-profit mental health agency. From there I realized I'd be of the most service to folks outside the limitations of traditional therapy. That's when I broke out on my own, to work with clients within a blended scope of spirituality, mental health, and science.

Today I use my professional experience and spiritual gifts to guide clients into their happiest, most fulfilled lives.

A woman in a citrine crystal crown and 70's pattern bellsleeve tie up shirt and bellbottoms sits in the fairy forest with a manifestation candle.
Woman with a 70's shag haircut and a colorful bellsleeve shirt faces the sun in the fairy core woods.

" If you've never spent time in the energy of Alex The Good Witch, make sure you do."

- Samara

Woman with a witch candle tattoo and citrine crystal crown and flowy tie up shirt in a fairy core forest.

Let's create your Dream Reality!


Break out of your internal and external blocks, step into your most powerful self, and call forth in the life of freedom and abundance you deserve.

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