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by Alex the Good Witch

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You don't have to live out the cycles you came into this world experiencing...

If your life feels off, there’s an existing version of it that will feel so right. It’s up to you to create this life—the one that fulfills your soul, the one that feels like home.

Alexandria Travis’ programs, coaching, 1:1 services, and masterclasses support you in creating the life that’s meant for you from exactly where you are standing.

What aspect of your life do you feel most called to focus on right now…

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My Love Life

I’m so tired of going through cycles of hope and disappointment when it comes to love.

I’m ready to take control over my experience and create the love life I truly deserve.

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My Soul Purpose

I’m ready to step onto the path my soul came here for, even if I’m not sure what that is yet.

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I’m over feeling disempowered. I want to feel clear, confident, and capable of navigating my life in ways that are truly best for me.

I am ready to be guided and blessed by my intuitive abilities.

Spiritual portal. Forest witch. Nature goddess.

Breaking Cycles & Rise into My Potential

I’m ready to embody my true self and live a life that reflects my full potential. 

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My Well-Being

I’m tired and bogged down. I feel like stress and negativity get the best of me, physically, mentally, emotionally.

I’m ready to get my energy back and receive the care I deserve.

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