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I Thought It'd Be Different This Time: Your Guide to Dating, Love, & Relationships


In this FREE MASTERCLASS, we will tap into the key ways to work with yourself AND work with your S.O., partner, spouse, that person you've been talking to on Hinge, the people you'll end up on a date with once you're ready to put yourself back out there, etc. to create the experiences you WANT in your love life—that actually LAST this time! <3 This class is JAM PACKED with vital concepts when it comes to dating, love, and relationships, including: ♥ Subconscious Reprogramming ♥ Inner Child and Parts Works (IFS) ♥ Intuition and Self-Trust ♥ Cultivating and Maintaining Secure Attachment ♥ Working with Ourselves and Others During Triggers ♥ Communication and Repair Plus you will receive special goodies for joining in this masterclass! P.S. The "special goodies" are NOT a 2 hour sales pitch that takes over the entire masterclass. You will walk away feeling like you've learned soooo much from this class, and feeling clear on what you need to focus on and apply to your unique love life. The *additional* offer is truly a gift for you if you decide you'd like to work with me further. <3 CLASS INFO: - "I Thought It'd Be Different This Time: Your Guide to Dating, Love, & Relationships" airs on Sunday, July 21st at 7pm PDT. - Sign up now for free access! - You will receive an email once the video has been uploaded to your portal. <3 - Replay will be available for you to watch at your convenience.



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