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12 Laws of the Universe 2024 Planner

12 Laws of the Universe 2024 Planner

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Grab your 2024 planner—don't forget your friends' holiday gifts!—and step into 2024 ready to claim your spot as Master of Your Universe!


This planner teaches spiritual concepts in ways that honor, celebrate, and expand your human experience, so that you can create the life of your true desires.


Every month, you will discover a Law of the Universe, and each week you will be given a practice to incorporate that law into your everyday life. 


Here, you will find everything you’d expect from a typical planner: space to write your daily plans and to-do lists, monthly calenders, holidays, etc., as well as things like moon phases, sun placements, spiritual wisdom, self-reflection, and personal expansion!


Think of it as a dual yearly planner and life-transformation workbook...


This planner was created to guide you into becoming a master of the universe, and your life, throughout 2024. <3

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