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Dream Weaver Program

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Transform your soul's true desires into your lived Dream Reality.

✿ Unlock your inner guidance system and unleash your full potential, power, and authenticity.

✿ Leave the world of struggle and settling behind and step into the life that is truly meant for you.

✿ Align with your soul journey and experience all the success and happiness that comes from connecting with your true purpose.

✿ Live the life that feels so right, abundant, free, and made especially for you. Go about your days feeling certain about yourself and your unique place in the world.

✿ Embody the full expression of your Higher Self and enjoy the lifestyle, relationships, and experiences that you attract effortlessly.

Are you ready to create the life you came here for?

It feels wrong to stay at the job you hate, in the relationship that keeps you down, or to mold yourself into a more 'acceptable' version to try to belong amongst friends, family, coworkers, and society. It feels wrong because it is wrong. Because you are meant for more than the social norms. Yes these limiting situations once served you well, but you are now being guided to awaken your true reason for being here—and no, contrary to what seems like everyone else is doing, the reason you're here is not to settle for the sake of [false] security and acceptance. The majority of folx may be able to swallow the 'Life's hard, deal with it~We're all working for the weekend~I'll travel when I'm retired~He can be really sweet sometimes~But I don't want to disappoint them' pill, but if you are drawn to my work, I guarantee that this limiting way of life will not work for you. Here's the thing: your soul has bigger plans. You came here with a purpose and a [flexible] path to live out your divine intentions. The more you convince yourself that you can "make the best of it" like everyone else, the more your soul will attempt to WAKE YOU UP through not-so-tolerable means--trust me, I've been here before and it does not look pretty.

I understand you don't consciously want the life of struggle and settling, especially when you know deep down there is a reality in which you live the life of purpose, fulfillment, love, bliss, and abundance that is truly meant for you. But I also know how incredibly difficult (logistically, mentally, and emotionally) it is to get there on your own. 

This is why I created my Dream Weaver Program. In this offering, I guide you through the most challenging, confusing, and scary parts of aligning with your soul journey (when faced alone), with care, confidence, trust, healing, and enjoyment.

Part of my soul purpose is to help your live yours.

My Dream Weaver Program is meant for you if:

✿ You look at life optimistically, but at the end of the day you feel like there's something more that you have yet to fully tap into.

✿ You feel like you see things differently than most people. Deep down you don't really understand certain 'social norms' such as: having low expectations, connecting through complaining, showing a lack of compassion to those who are acting out of pain, expecting the worst out of people/situations, keeping oneself down, unconsciously creating one's own stress. 

✿ You've subconsciously kept yourself small in attempts to belong within society, your family, culture, friends, job, etc. You wish to break free from this mold.

✿ You want to find your own special place in the world, where you feel like you truly belong and are genuinely understood by the people around you.

✿ You have a calling/inclination that's pulling you toward a certain path, but you don't quite see how it's possible. 

✿ You do not have a specific calling/inclination, but you sense that you are no longer meant to be in the place you are at right now.

✿ You wish to find your unique soul path and purpose. You are ready to learn how to get there from where you are now.


✿ You find yourself attracted to spiritual concepts/practices and have encountered glimpses of their potential to transform your life. 

✿ You are able to connect to a future where you are wildly happy, in love with your life, embodying your best self, financially secure, doing exactly what you're meant to be doing, and are loved and supported unconditionally.

✿ You gravitate toward me/my work specifically. 

✿ Your Personal Guide 


I grew up in a world driven by fear and stress. I learned that to feel a sense of security, belonging, and love, you must prove yourself to be loveable. I was taught that I should learn to "deal with" or "make the best of" the fear, pain, and dissatisfaction I'd be handed--that this is how life works, and is really the only realistic option. 

However, I never fully resonated with how people see the world, each other, and themselves. Rather than inspiring me to "pave my own way", this only deepened my desire to feel like I truly belonged. For years I anxiously tried to find a sense of connection and deep belonging within a society that was truly on a different page than me. During this time, I found myself continually gravitating toward mental health and spiritual practices. It was in these fields that I felt most at home, and more connected to myself than I ever had through any form of external validation.  I didn't realize it at the time, but my radical choice to honor my soul and prioritize my inner world over everything else, opened the gateway to my intuition. Which I quickly came to realize is the source of my personal power, and the key to the life in which I truly belong. 

Suddenly all my unacknowledged, under-used, and underappreciated psychic gifts, that I've had since I could remember, came rushing to the forefront of my daily life. After allowing myself to live in connection with my true self, I realized that my deep perspective (the reason I never felt like I truly belonged in a fearful and stressed out society) lies within me for a beautiful purpose—one that is well worth any challenge I've faced as an "outsider". I found that being unable to settle into a normal, dissatisfied life is not a curse. Rather, it's motivation to find and live in a reality far more magical than you've ever seen before.

My Dream Weaver Program is a culmination of my work as a healer, a mental health provider, my education, and all the challenges, revelations, consistent work in connecting with my intuition, divine messages I've channeled over the years, and everything I've had to leave behind to get here. 

I know that a huge part of my journey to my Dream Reality was the work I did with my personal guide. I believe the best coaches reveal to their students what they are truly capable of, connect them with their personal power, support them to self-sufficiency, and remain a source of love and light along their path. This is who my coach was for me. And now, part of my soul purpose is being this coach for others—a personal guide to support them in becoming their best, happiest, and most fulfilled selves.

What you get from my Dream Weaver Program:

✿ A deep and conscious awareness of your Soul Purpose

✿ Confidence in your ability to identify and act on any and all necessary steps to always be moving in the best direction for you

✿ A powerful connection and dependable relationship with your intuition, Higher Self, angels, and guides

✿ Freedom from fear, patterns, programming, and conditioning that has held you back in the past. As well as methods for addressing any blocks that come in up in the future

✿ A clear sense of who you are, why you are here, and exactly where you are meant be in each moment

✿ A deep sense of belonging on this earth, in your life, and amongst fellow humans

✿ Connection with a group of self-aware folx who see the world on a deeper level

✿ Hands-on experience working with physical spiritual tools such as tarot cards, pendulums, crystals, and more

✿ The ability to channel spiritual messages, communicate with your divine support, ask for help, and work together with your guides to manifest your wants and needs

✿ Reiki attunement so that you can heal and calm yourself using energy work--anytime, anywhere for the rest of your life

✿ Self-sufficiency: the ability to rely on yourself for guidance, support, healing, direction, success, and abundance

What's included in my Dream Weaver Program?

✿ 5 months of personal coaching with Alex The Good Witch

✿ Bi-weekly virtual lessons, held live in a small group of like-minded folx 

✿ Monthly 1:1 healing and counseling sessions with Alex The Good Witch

✿ Forever available replays of lessons and sessions

✿ Certified Reiki Level 1 attunement (the ability to give yourself reiki)

✿ Dream Weaver Gift Basket filled with exclusive, magical goodies mailed to your doorstep!

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Application and Investment to join my Dream Weaver Program:

This program is an investment that will ultimately generate more money. By the end of this program, you will be able to: decide when to save and when to spend in a way that aligns with your true financial goals, no longer lose money from purchases made for instant gratification/to fill a void, spend money in a way that brings you more money in return (i.e. this program), and align yourself with your true success and financial potential (i.e. your soul purpose). I would not be asking for this investment if I wasn't confident in this program's, my, and your ability to radically transform your life for the better. 

My Dream Weaver Program is a $5,500 total investment. I will be offering multiple payment plan options which allow you to pay over the course of 6 months.


The first 3 folx who are accepted will receive $1,500 off , PLUS the option of a year-long payment plan!

To ensure the success of my clients, I created an application form that will allow me to choose Dream Weavers who I believe are the best fit for this program. Please do your best to create a safe space in which you can answer these questions honestly and to the best of your abilities. I honor and respect your openness, and thank you in advance for sharing with me. ✿ 

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