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Love & Happiness Program


In this program you will create the ever- expanding, evolving, and fulfilling love that's meant for YOU. Step into the love you've always longed for—far beyond anything you've ever experienced—and continue to grow in long-lasting stability. - Additional coaching packages for individuals and couples via Zoom and in-person are available. - Open to all regardless of current "relationships status". Everyone has access to all materials for life. - Approaches include subconscious reprogramming, inner child work, "parts" work (internal family systems), intuition development, cultivating secure attachment, working through triggers, communication and repair, and much more! - Materials include video lessons, downloadable workbooks, audio guide hypnoses, and more - Personalized to you - Self-paced with timeline suggestions - Life-long access to current and updated materials PROGRAM PRICING OPTIONS: - Program. Price: $999. - Program & Individual Coaching Package (whether single or in a relationship). Includes 4 coaching sessions. Price: $1,333. - Program & Couples Coaching Package. Includes 2 individual coaching sessions per person and 2 couples sessions (6 total sessions). Price: $1,555. Sign up below to choose your payment option and join now! (To learn more about the Love & Happiness Program go to



6 Plans Available, From $499.50/month
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