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'How to Face the Sun' by Alexandria Tessier

'How to Face the Sun' by Alexandria Tessier

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Praise for How to Face the Sun:

✿ "Rupi Kaur aesthetic with Rumi wisdom."

✿ "Combined my love for poetry, meditation, and all things healing."

✿ "Hits home and leaves you inspired."

✿ "A must read"


Experience the transformation of heartbreak, PTSD, anxiety, and struggle to peace, love, enlightenment, and bliss through poetry, prose, and illustration.



Discounted price due to typo on back cover/original edition. Content is the same as latest edition, the only changes made on the latest edition were to the back cover. 

  • Product Information:

    ✿ Poetry and prose

    ✿ Pen illustrations

    ✿ 154 pgs

    ✿ Soft cover

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