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by Alex the Good Witch

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Psychic 70's witch meditating in forest.

I help clients create their happiest, most fulfilling life from exactly where they are standing.

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Create a life well beyond what you've experienced thus far...

Your intuition is leading you to the life that’s truly meant for you.

Your subconscious is trying to keep you experiencing the same sh*t over and over.

So whether you have a clear vision that calls to you, get inklings of your desires, or just feel like things aren’t quite right, know the reason is that there's a life that exists that is far better suited for you.

And that life is beckoning you forward...but you need to work with yourself in order to get there.

Hi, I'm Alex The Good Witch,

Spiritual life coach, psychic reader, energy worker, and motivational speaker serving in-person clients in the Orange County and Los Angeles area, as well as those around the world via Zoom. 

I specialize in subconscious reprogramming, inner child work, and intuition development to help you break out of the internal and external cycles that keep them down, stuck, and held back from the life that's truly meant for you.

After earning my degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UCI, I left a Nobel Prize winning lab to help families, children, and school staff at a non-profit mental health agency.

There I realized I'd be of the most service to folks outside of traditional therapy and in tandem with my natural psychic abilities, as well as my background in science and mental health.

That's when I created Intuitive Instincts.

Psychic 70's witch in magical forest.
70's hippie witch in magical forest.

" If you've never spent time in the energy of Alex The Good Witch, make sure you do."

- Samara

70's witch casting spell in forest.

Let's create your Dream Reality!


Break out of your internal and external blocks, step into your most powerful self, and call forth your happiest, most fulfilling life. 

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