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Peace Train Program

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Get off the Struggle Bus and hop onto the Peace Train.

Peace is the key to live a life of ease and satisfaction. Peace breeds

s p a c i o u s n e s s . So you can enjoy, relax, and feel liberated AF from the grip of external stressors and personal blocks. Peace creates a solid foundation for you to stand on. This sense of safety and grounding becomes integrated within you and your reality, allowing you to finally bring forth what you've been longing for. Whether you desire to bask in the beautiful simplicity that is now your life, build your dreams with your full potential backing you up, or a balance of both, Peace Train is your vehicle to move through life with the confidence of being in the driver's seat, the effectiveness of a fully powered engine, and the bliss of a once-in-a-lifetime ride!!! 

✿ Enjoy the peaceful, easy feeling of being on the Peace Train with this specially curated Spotify playlist. 

✿ Why the Peace Train Program? 

While riding on my own Peace Train, I have been giving Chakra Readings + Balancing as a spiritual healer and reiki master. It was in these sessions that I knew I needed to make a program specifically designated to helping folx recalibrate their nervous system and build a solid foundation in which they can live from.


The reason deep peace hasn’t worked long-term for folx in the past, is because they were only making changes to some of all of the areas necessary for lasting, foundational change. Peace Train is special because it guides you into shifting your environment, nervous system, genetic expression, and overall wellbeing to be aligned with deep peace.

In the Peace Train Program, I utilize my B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, experience as a mental health provider, and spiritual gifts to guide you into deep shifts for profound and lasting results. 

Where does the Peace Train take you?

✿ To the place where you consistently feel grounded, safe, secure, stable, and at peace

✿ To the place where sh*t happens, but not as much as it used to, and no longer in a way that feels unmanageable or out of your control

✿ To a place with no struggles⁠. Rather, you experience challenges that leave you feeling empowered and rewarded

✿ To mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing

✿ To the version of you that attracts the people and situations that are the most positive, constructive, and rewarding for you

✿ To the place where you are free from the need to control. Instead, you enjoy the simply wonderful life you are living

✿ To a place of patience and love. Where you no longer find yourself reacting in ways that lead to feeling guilty, embarrassed, self-judged, blamed, or unworthy


✿ To a life filled with peace, stability, simplicity, joy, and 

 s  p  a  c  i  o  u  s  n  e  s  s

Hitch a ride on the Peace Train if you:

✿ Feel like after all your efforts to grow, you keep facing moments that make you feel like you're 'going backwards'

Sunshine Wall Collage Kit (Digital Download) _ Yellow Photo Wall Collage, Aesthetic Collag

✿ Want to trust that everything will be fine, but at times wonder if the Universe (life, other people, yourself) is working against you

✿ Have desires for yourself and your life, but feel like it's an uphill path to get there

✿ Feel like you get in your own way of the things you want most (whether through self-sabotage, procrastination, perfectionism, inner criticism, or other means)

✿ Are hit with situations that feel out of your control

✿ Continually find yourself in frustrating situations, inconveniences, and on the other side of other people's sh*t

✿ Find yourself getting sick, feeling fatigued, with physical discomfort, tension in the neck and shoulders, headaches, etc⁠ (without a causal medical condition)

✿ See other people who seem to have everything going for them, and wonder why you can't have the same

✿ Try to stay positive, but feel like it's hard when faced with negative situations/people

✿ Seek simplicity, ease, peace, comfort, stability, and satisfaction in your everyday life

✿ Want to get off of the Struggle Bus and onto the Peace Train!

✿ Testimonial 

Lex is a 72 year old woman who always had a passion for bettering herself through spiritual practices. She's attended numerous retreats, is a devoted Zen Buddhist, immerses herself in enlightened teachings, goes on daily walks at dawn, and observes weekly days of noble silence. But no matter how much she fills her mind, body, spirit, and space with divine teachings, she still finds herself in a daily struggle of anxiety, OCD, and trauma. It seems as though no matter how much she grows, she can never outgrow what often becomes a crippling state of being: feeling easily triggered, consumed by overwhelming thoughts, and left longing to be the person she tries so hard to be⁠—a person who, at a fundamental level, lives from a foundation of deep peace. 

Lex and I had one, 3 hour session together. This session was comprised mostly of Peace Train lessons, practices, and services.

Spirit of '76 (1).jpg

For weeks following our session, I would receive messages from Lex exclaiming in relief and amazement that she is "STILL CALM".  The next time we met, she shared her experience with me:

"Where I was stuck and unclear about how to get out of the deep hole, you gave me clarity, and the knowledge that I didn’t have to continue falling in that same hole, but that I could take an altogether different path! I see what was lying underneath my many issues and blocks, which gives me a direction in which to move forward. I have yet to have an anxious thought since our time together...Though I'm not a religious person, the best way I can describe how I feel is what I believe Christians mean when they say they are "born again". I understand that it takes some people a lifetime to become enlightened, and not everyone reaches that point⁠. I have finally reached enlightenment." 

What you receive on the Peace Train:

✿ The ability to create a deep sense of peace, stability, and satisfaction⁠—anytime, anywhere

✿ A new version of your life, one that is simpler, more joyful, more spacious, and filled with light and love

✿ A foundation to go after (and ACHIEVE) what you truly want in ways that feel safe, rewarding, and positive along the way

✿ The powerful ability to work WITH yourself, WITH the universe, WITH life, and WITH others⁠—especially those that were the most difficult to work with in the past

✿ A newly adjusted nervous system that responds with calm and clarity, rather than stress, anger, sadness, anxiety, and fear 

✿ Deep acceptance of ALL parts of you

✿ A sense of balance and wholeness, within yourself AND in your life

✿ More loving, positive, and rewarding relationships

✿ The ability to assertively and respectfully set boundaries with both people and situations to preserve your peace of mind

✿ Blessings beyond belief (don't be surprised if you start getting a lot of free things!) Genuine feelings of gratitude on every level

✿ Reiki Level 1 attunement so that you can heal and calm yourself using energy work⁠—anytime, anywhere for the rest of your life

✿ Self-sufficiency: the ability to rely on yourself for mental and emotional management, stability, de-escalating stress, and cultivating peace

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What's included with your ticket?

✿ 5 months of deep work with Alex The Good Witch

✿ Monthly, 2 hour group lessons on how to forever ride the Peace Train

✿ Monthly, 2 hour 1:1 healing, counseling, and coaching sessions (all in-house services available during these sessions)

✿ Recordings of all 1:1 and group sessions (yours to keep)

✿ Reiki Level 1 Attunement (certified ability to perform self-reiki to give yourself peace and healing anytime, anywhere)

✿ BONUS: First 5 people to confirm their spot on the Peace Train receive a curated gift basket, filled with special goodies (delivered to your door!)

Your Personal Guide 

Growing up with undiagnosed Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I was a permanent passenger of the Struggle Bus without even realizing I was on it. I consistently got sick, was hit with waves of emotional distress, thrown overwhelming situations without a say in the matter, and would eventually resort to people-pleasing, internalizing my struggles, and condemning myself for what I was experiencing⁠—thinking that if I could only do better, be better, I could make the plea that I was worth more than I was been shown.

Overall, I have always been a happy, bright ball of light who's intentions were good. But my underlying, foundational state of being was programmed for stress (though I wouldn't have described it that way at the time). This is why, no matter how hard I worked to push negative situations to be in my favor, through self-reflection, positive thinking, pleading with the universe, pleading with the people involved, "surrendering", "letting go", trusting the universe, or any other strategy, the circumstances would barely budge (if at all). Because it was going to take much deeper reprogramming to finally experience inner and outer peace on a consistent and permanent basis. 


Nowadays, I enjoy living from a safe and peaceful nervous system, often being the most blissful, zenned out person in the room. This new, solid foundation has given me the invaluable gifts of enjoying my life to the fullest, experiencing more space and less stress, and living a life that reflects my inner sense of ease. It also allows me to effectively expand whenever I seek to grow, uplevel, or build big dreams upon this strong foundation. 

✿ Grab your ticket to the Peace Train! 


The Peace Train is a deeply integrated, 5 month program that guides you into lasting results. The financial investment reflects the efficacy of this program.

The first 5 people to claim their spots receive a Peace Train gift basket!


Anti-oppressive sliding scale and payment plans available. Use the code that applies to you. 

 "I am loved" - For BIPOC folx only, regardless of current financial status. This rate is intended to help offset economic oppression. Use this code to join the Peace Train Program for a total investment of $1,155. Payment plan options available.

"I am safe" - For folx who's financial situation is most accurately described by the following statement: I am able to meet only my basic needs. I don't have any savings and/or I have debt. Use this code to join the Peace Train Program for a total investment of $1,733. Payment plan options available.

"I am supported" - For folx who's financial situation is most accurately described by the following statement: I am able to meet only my basic needs. I have savings, inheritance, and/or access to financial support from family in times of need. Use this code to join the Peace Train Program for a total investment of $2,310. Payment plan options available.

"I am at peace" - For folx who's financial situation is most accurately described by the following statement: I am able to live beyond my basic needs. I have expendable income that allows me to purchase new things, experiences, etc. Use this code to join the Peace Train Program for a total investment of $2,888. Payment plan options available.

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