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Let's Make Magic

Co-create with me and expand what's possible...

I channel my magical intuition into collaborative projects, infusing them with the same transformative energy I share directly with clients.

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When I succeed, you succeed—and when you succeed, we all succeed.

Collaborate with Alex The Good Witch if:

✿ You want to sell pieces that are made with intention and inspire.

✿ You're looking to make your products or brand more magnetic.

✿ You want to combine our strengths to create something magical.

✿ You're seeking a creative expert to make your ideas come to life.

✿ You want to evoke a deep emotional connection through your products or brand.

✿ You want to remove the energetic blocks within your inventory or brand that are keeping your from its full potential.

✿ You're ready to step into the portal of success within your business.


Collaborative Services: 

✿ Reiki-infusion

Energy with specific intention infused into products. Certified Reiki-infused.

Logo Design

Incorporate important aspects/energy of brand to create the perfect logo for you.

Website Design

Give your brand a magnetic online space to transform browsers into customers/clients.

Art Commissions

Bring your ideas to life with art inspired by your specific intentions. (Book illustrations and covers fall under this service.

Signature Products/Collections

Create products under your specialty, together. Sell on both platforms for optimum, mutual profit. (ex. you make earrings, we collab to make a special collection)


I step into your physical or vitual space and report to you what is negatively affecting your business and what is serving it, while cleansing anything that needs a 'recharge' of positive energy. Also conducted for inventory of unique products (ie antique shop, second-hand clothing, etc).

Inspired Ideas Call

Feeling stuck in your business? This service takes on a "coaching call" format and leaves you with fresh, inspired ideas to get you moving in a successful direction.

Have another idea on how we could collaborate? Let me know!

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