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Intuition Activation: Removing Blocks

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You've finally come to a place where you can TRUST yourself. You are CLEAR about what is fear, conditioning, and bias, and what is destiny, intuition, and in your best interest. You confidently follow your intuition and start to experience life in a way where everything works out for you. If this is the Dream you seek, 'Intuition Activation: Removing Blocks' is for you. In this self-paced course, you will become aware of the personal and societal blocks that impede you from aligning with your Dream Reality. You will learn active ways to dismantle these blocks within you so that you can move forward with decisions that are best for you. You will also learn how to make the most of the automatic decisions you make every day, so that you become more effective in creating the results you desire. You will discover patterns as well as their roots, so that you may free yourself from conditioning beyond your intuitive blocks. Lastly, you will solidify your trust and certainty that you are loved, guided, and supported. **This course is best taken once you feel confident that you hear your intuition on a consistent basis and find yourself capable of listening to it when it comes to most Small Decisions. If you are not here yet, I encourage you to honor where you are at and check out my course, 'Intuition Activation: Small Decisions'.

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