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Breakthrough Coaching

Breakthrough Coaching is for You if:

✿ You want to feel safe, heard, and comforted as you dive into deep, meaningful, and transformative revelations.

✿ You crave change in your life but aren't sure of the best ways to go about it.

✿ You wish to feel confident in your ability to direct the trajectory of your future.

✿ You're looking to open new paths and want viable steps that you can take right now to help you move forward.

✿ You wish to work with a trustworthy expert who can give you advice and guidance on how to navigate your setbacks and goals.

✿ You're ready to grow as a person and experience life in a way that reflects this growth.

✿ You're ready to experience life-changing epiphanies and BREAKTHROUGHS!

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What You'll Receive from Breakthrough Coaching:

✿ A personally curated safe space where you can share your thoughts and emotions without judgment

✿ Expert-level advice on how to take control of your current situation

✿ A blend of mental health skills and intuitive coaching unique to your specific wants and needs

✿ An empowering connection with someone who genuinely cares about your wellbeing and success

✿ A refreshing approach to solving "unsolvable" issues

✿ "Aha" moments of complete clarity and confidence in how to advance yourself and your life

✿ A newfound certainity in your ability to accomplish all you set out to achieve

✿ 1 hour-long intro session

✿ Open text-line for communication between sessions

✿ 2 hour coaching calls once a week for 4 weeks

5 Week Breakthrough Coaching Includes:

✿ In-house services (reiki, chakra balancing/reading, aura cleansing/reading, tarot reading) upon client need and coach's discretion 

Why Alex The Good Witch?

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✿ Working with me catalyzes radical insight and breakthroughs.

✿ I create an energetic space that's conducive to experiencing transformation and major shifts.

✿ I create opportunities for you to feel empowered and take control of your life.

✿ I pair advice with explanation and build upon a foundation of trust.

✿ I embrace you as you are, while guiding you into alignment with their your authentic self.

✿ I utilize the practices I've cultivated during my time as a mental health provider as well as in my solo career.

✿ My work with clients is a collaborative effort: I am always working with you and with your best interest in mind.

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Investment and Payment Plans

I only take on clients that I feel confident will get the most out of Breakthrough Coaching. If you are chosen from your application, it is because I know this is worth your financial investment, my energy, and both of our times. <3 

Breakthrough Coaching is a $976 total investment.


You have the option to pay in full and receive a BONUS 1 hour healing session of any service(s) you'd like. (To be used within a year of coaching end date.)

Or you may choose from the following payment plans:

✿ Pay $163/month for 6 months.

✿ Make a $277 deposit. Pay $117/month for 6 months.

✿ Make a $555 deposit. Pay $70/month for 6 months.



With Alex I immediately felt at ease. She is an amazing listener and advice giver who makes her clients feel comfortable. As me and Alex began talking about my future goals, I felt like the 'mind-blown' emoji, wherein I quite literally had epiphany after epiphany about viable steps I could take to advance my personhood, my business, and my life. Even after just one long, deep, meaningful conversation, I felt my path was being cleared and opened my vision for my life and future became clearer and I know that can happen for others as well.

Robert, ✿✿✿✿✿

I owe my whole company to Breakthrough Coaching! Alex was a breath of fresh air to work with. She comes up with amazing perspectives that make so much sense and gives me a clear path to my business goals. Whenever I felt stuck or at a dead end, one session with Alex would remove those blocks and I would be off to the races again! This is essential when owning a business. You can waste so much time trying to get through blocks that you could have spent growing your business. With Alex you are paying to remove those blocks and streamline your business so that you can start making money. The service pays for itself!

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