Alex The Good Witch

Resume + Credentials: Professional Services

✿ B.S in Biochemistry + Molecular Biology from University of California, Irvine

✿ Worked as Biochemist in Nobel Prize Winning Lab

✿ Certified Reiki Practitioner since 2016 (now Master)

✿ Mental Health Provider since 2018

✿ Professional Psychic since 2019 (abilities since childhood)

✿ First Publication in 2020 (currently 3 published books)


Why work with me?

✿ I see the vision of your Dream Reality and help you believe in love, peace, happiness, and yourself like you never have before.

✿ My insight is spot on and completely personal to your unique journey.

✿ I naturally create a safe emotional container during our work together. I build upon the practice I've cultivated during my time as a mental health provider as well as in my solo career.

✿ I provide healing on a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical level so that you can incorporate these messages most effectively into your life.

✿ Working with me leaves you feeling relieved, joyful, empowered, capable, transformed, and in touch with the magic within and around you.